Our Story

Annab’s Bookstore has been named after my family Annab from Nablus in Palestine. Our great-grandfather Jiddo Hasan Annab worked for the Othman Empire as an accountant and moved all over the Arab world for work. He loved knowledge and learning and he made sure that most of his children were educated in post-secondary schools in the Arab world, Europe and the U.S.

Jiddo Hasan had 11 children, so it was quiet an investment to educate them. After his passing my great-grandmother Taita Baheera continued the journey of educating her children by opening a small knitting business in Nablus.

My family moved numerous times and we always made sure that our books came with us. They were an important part of our diasporic identity. Knowledge and learning have been a profound part of my upbringing in the Arab world, and when I moved to Canada in 1997 to study at McGill University, where I completed a Bachelor of Commerce.

Please stop by and browse our collection of Canadian books. We love local writers and are always looking for reads that embody Canadian culture and history.

Nablus is known for its production of soap. This is what inspired me to create the gift line of Quadra Village Soap Company. I want to keep alive the local and artisanal spirit of soap making in my new home in Victoria, British Columbia.

The line of Quadra Village Candle Company was created to light up your dark days and offer you self-care and brightness while you enjoy reading your book. The soy candles are hand-poured and island crafted.

Before the internet, when people were apart, they used the telephone or sent a letter to keep in touch. When I gather with my family, we occasionally read letters and cards sent from family members around the world as a way to hold space for family love near and far.

I am hoping that the Quadra Village Greeting Card Company will bring into your life greeting cards that you can share with your loved ones as a reminder that family and friends can express love through the written word.

Enjoy a book, light up a candle, lather up with our soap and write a card to someone special… we hope that you will do all these activities while you keep our Canadian identity alive and thriving.