Support the Indiegogo Campaign of the Short Film: Go for Broke

In the director’s note for Go For Broke, William Wu writes that this is a story about a Japanese man who enlists in the United States Army Air Force during the height of World War II. The character of Steve Kuroki was inspired by the 442nd infantry regiment, a regiment of the United States Army which is best known for its history as a fighting unit composed almost entirely of second-generation American soldiers of Japanese ancestry.

The press release states that in 1942, many Americans considered anyone of Japanese descent to be an enemy. No one took time to consider their loyalties, and assumed that anyone of Japanese ancestry was rooting for Japan. Yet, in spite of hostility and outright hatred, many young Japanese Americans entered in the armed forces and fought heroically across the European and Pacific Theatre. Go For Broke is the story of one of those kinds of people, who overcame adversity with the sheer will to fight for others and for their homes.

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