Support CFUV this Month!

Throughout my studies at McGill and at the University of Victoria, I have always gotten involved with community radio one way or another. This month is the Funding Drive month of CFUV at the University of Victoria. I had a great time recording promotional clips for broadcasting to remind our listeners to support CFUV. I also helped with contacting vendors at the Victoria Public Market to support the funding drive, and we have been successful in securing donations from them. Isn’t it lovely when the community comes together to support an initiative that is as charming as our beloved radio station CFUV?!

Because I love working in radio on a volunteer basis, I am also helping with the production of a show called Notes from the Underground. This is a new show that I am working on with a couple of my friends Jim and Chris. We have aired two shows so far and working on a couple more.

For our third and upcoming show we are working on is an interview with Rahel Claman. I will be interviewing Rahel and the interview will air sometime in April/May. Rahel is a local dancer and teacher who specializes in Middle Eastern dance, as well as Fitness and Yoga. She is beautiful woman who loves empowering people of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ages. Rahel teaches online and in person and is passionate about embodiment, empowerment, and self-acceptance through mindful movement. She is also a brilliant teacher who teaches dance and its roots and history to her students in order to conextualise the artform in a safe environment that is free of shame or guilt.


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