Badir and the Beaver by Shannon Stewart

The Holly Month of Ramadan is a month of fasting and prayer for Muslims around the world. This is the first Ramadan for our Bookstore, and we are thrilled to be set up at the Victoria Public Market in the South Island Artisan Gift Shop! We have a collection of new books and one of them is especially about Ramadan and being an immigrant child who is passionate about the Beavers in the park.

Badir and the Beaver is about Badir’s experience, during Ramadan, of learning about the Canadian Beaver and saving it from leaving its habitat when people create a petition to move it. Badir knows first hand how hard it is to leave one’s home behind so he works with his classmates to help the Beaver stay at the park where it belongs!

The story is written by Shannon Stewart, who teaches in a francophone school in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she has had the opportunity to meet and learn from students all over the world. Badir and the Beaver is illustrated by Sabrina Gendron, who loves to work on animation and visual arts projects and has illustrated a number of French-language books.

As usual we aim to source Canadian books by Canadian writers and illustrators. Please come out and support us by purchasing your copy of Badir and the Beaver.

Ramadan Kareem…

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